Thursday, 12 September 2013


Toddington Village Hall

Stow Road Toddington Gloucestershire GL54 5DU

Friday 18 October to Sunday 20 October 2013

We have a few spaces left and you can come for one, two or all three days

The registration form is below the descriptions


This year there will be four tutors. Lindly Haunani and Jana Roberts Benzon will teach full day workshops and Eva Haskova and Alison Gallant will teach half day classes. Students will be split into three groups and the tutors will move on to the next one each day. 

Lindly Haunani - Rainbow Ikat Leaves
Ikat, is the method of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibres. Ikat is also a fabulous pattern that can be made as a cane using polymer clay stripe blends. Learn how to make Lindly’s version of an Ikat blend cane that uses extruded elements to intensify value contrasts that will make your cane really “pop”.
Strategies for designing your leaves, including contrasting vein patterns and outlining options will be demonstrated, along with suggestions on how to make your leaves more three dimensional.

Jana Roberts Benzon - New Age Bargello
From the moment I first began creating this new, updated version of Bargello, I’ve looked forward to the day when I’d be able to teach it – how excited I am to now be sharing this ‘out of the box’ technique! 
These new pieces have been referred to as (looking like) beadwork, woven textile, leather and even ceramic...the technique is very versatile, and full of interesting and intriguing dimension and texture -- “playing” with it is so exciting and mesmerizing! 
In our workshop, we’ll create a brooch pin or pendant (and even earrings, if there is time). We will begin our day by creating a multi-process, dimensional ‘sheet’ (during which you’ll no doubt have many ah-ha moments and learn some really great, new ‘tricks’!); after the lunch break, we’ll turn that sheet into patterned Bargello – you’ll have the opportunity to choose which pattern you’d like to create (or come up with one of your own!). We’ll then create the finished brooch or pendant, with instruction that includes loads of information about mechanically (and artfully!) bonding adornments, pin backs and bails to your creations and also how to put a lovely back on your piece. 
Please join me for an exciting and fun day of New Age Bargello exploration!

Eva Haskova - Metal Effect Pendant
Using texture, mica shift technique and Pearlex powders, the surface of our pendant will take shape. We'll then bake on a form, take time finishing and use beads and metal pieces as enhancements. The workshop is also about mixing the 'right' metal colour at the beginning, for which I have a nice sampler. 
We will connect all of these techniques together to make a beautiful, metal effect pendant.

Alison Gallant - Silver Framed Pendant
Framing a small polymer pendant in highly polished silver focuses the eye on the intriguing, striated patterns. Making mixes and blends, we'll manipulate the clay to bring out the stunning properties of the pearlised colours. The pendant is formed with layers incorporating a channel and we'll give a professional finish, with variations, to the back. The techniques covered are equally useful when framing earrings, rings or bracelet tiles.

Registration includes 2 full day workshops and 2 half day workshops with these four fantastic tutors, also morning coffee and afternoon tea plus a really good buffet lunch on each day.
Toddington Village Hall in Gloucestershire is in a beautiful Cotswolds village, situated between Cheltenham and Broadway.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.



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  1. Hi Alison
    I've just seen this weekend via Facebook. I'd love to join in but... A) I'm a real newbie and B) I can only do Saturday and Sunday. Is this doable?